Examination dilemma


I will be having an examination later today. It’s Math and I loathe Math. I know I have spent many hours preparing for this, but I still get lost when I solve.

If I am still a Catholic, I would probably pray. Pray that  god guide me during my exam, pray that the questions would not be hard enough, or if they are hard, pray that at least I can answer enough items correctly to pass the exam. But if all things go to worst and I fail, I would  just think that it was part of the great plan of god for me, that I was destined to fail this exam even if I have prepared diligently just because according to the intelligence of God, he has something greater for me. Any of the scenarios above are not bad on their own. I could even take the exam without reviewing at all because after all, God has a plan!

But now that I am an atheist, what do I need to do in this hopeless situation? Do I now reject my atheism to find comfort in the “almighty” god? No. I will trust myself. I will give my best. And I still have few hours to prepare for this exam. I can do this!


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