The Conspiracy of the Tree of Knowledge


Why would an all-knowing god place a useless tree in his “paradise” and then prohibits his creation from eating its fruit? Is it a willful act from a perfect god or is it an unforeseen error from an omnipotent god? Did god fail to account that the population will grow and eventually, someone might disobey him and eat the forbidden fruit? Or did god put so much trust to his perfect creation that even if their population will rise, no one would dare to disobey their almighty god. But we learned that his the first generation of his creation disobeyed him. If his creation imperfect, Then that perfect god should also share this imperfection?

Either god put the tree on purpose to tempt us, making him an evil god, or he miscalculated his creation, making him an imperfect god.


5 thoughts on “The Conspiracy of the Tree of Knowledge

  1. The story of Adam and Eve is an allegory about the nature of God and the nature of man.

    The questions asked in this post are stupid and thus cannot be answered since people educated in the meaning of the Bible don’t do stupid.

    This post is proof that atheists are very shallow people unable of deep reflection.

  2. That first generation was perfect… god had to send in a talking snake to get them to screw up the deal… the god was in control and had to let the snake in… it was not the fault of the humans and people just can’t see that. The initial temptation was not enough, god had to send in reinforcements to get the job done… fuck him

  3. Ignostic Atheist

    Two things.

    One: God permitted the snake, which may or may not have been the devil, into the garden, when he could have prevented its presence.

    Two: God placed a tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden, told two people without knowledge of good and evil that it is evil to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and punished them for eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil when they had no knowledge that disobeying God and eating of the tree was evil.

    The moral of this story: God is kind of an ass.

  4. godsblessing

    What I find interesting is the “Tree of life” is getting more acknowledgement than the “Tree of Knowledge”. Why? Are both trees mentioned to confuse us? Is the “Tree of Knowledge” were we should be looking to find our origins’? After all, the bible books are allegory(s); and some people believes these stories are written in codes… If you look closer – it is science…

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