Prayer doesn’t work


Prayer doesn't work


19 thoughts on “Prayer doesn’t work

  1. Prayer is the natural state of the human being.

    We are always praying whether we realize it or not.

    And God does indeed change his mind due to the entreaties of men.

    Jesus started his public ministry early because of his mother’s entreaty on behalf of a newly married couple who were about to be shamed.

    Moses, Lot and others reasoned with, and influenced God on behalf of their fellow men.

    Prayer is outrageously effective.

    It has kept man from blowing up the world.

    • Given that prayer is a “natural state of being” when do you say that a prayer is outrageously effective? When hundreds of millions of children die because of starvation, when innocent people suffer the catastrophe of war, where is that effective prayer that you say?
      If prayer has kept man from blowing up the world, what do you say about 9/11, what is your opinion to Catholic Church during the dark ages, what is your view to Holocaust caused by a Catholic, Adolf Hitler?

      • Prayer is effective because the human race hasn’t blown itself to smithereens.

        Prayer is also effective because its essence is simply saying “Thank you, Lord.”

        God is not an atheist jinn, whose only purpose is to be at the beck and call of men.

        Christian teaching is that man’s nature was wrecked by the sin of Adam and Eve and restored by the New Adam, Jesus Christ.

        Nevertheless, man is still inclined toward evil.

        Therefore our prayer needs work.

        We must lead lives of virtue in order to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit who then aligns our prayer to the will of God.

        It is in this way that our prayer becomes effective.

          • Potato,

            You commit the error of applying logic to religious faith.

            We of the Church are thoroughly convinced that mankind has survived the nuclear age because of prayer.

            The constant prayer of the Church calls God’s mercy down upon mankind.

          • You are saying that religious faith should be exempted to logic? That’s absurd! You want your people to be a receptacle to whatever the church and your bible will feed them? Don’t you think that is dangerous?

          • Potato,

            Logic is the doorway to the mansion of faith.

            But I refer you to the Star Trek episode, “The Galileo Seven,” where all of Spock’s logic resulted in disaster.

            Logic yields disaster if it is not properly informed by objective ethics.

    • And how do you know that god changes his mind? Is it because your prayer happens to be the same with what actually happened? How can you tell that that one event will not actually happen until you prayed for it? Do you see the future?

        • As one of my post reminds, using the bible as a tool for research is not enough and should not be considered sufficient and valid.
          Using the bible as an evidence is like saying Spiderman is real because it was revealed in Marvel comics.

          • Potato,

            The Bible is not a tool of research.

            It is a tool of faith.

            Applying a tool of research to religious faith makes as much sense as a fart in a space suit.

            Funny, but a deviation from form and purpose.

          • Potato,

            Evidence cannot come from a book like the Bible anymore than evidence can come from a book like Homer’s Iliad.

            Atheist propaganda depends on juxtaposing something good with something ridiculous.

  2. I do believe in prayer. It is simply ‘thinking of others’. I am not a religionist. I believe only in Love. To me, ‘thinking of others’ means spending a period of time each day to sit down and ask myself what I can do for those I love. If I clarify a specific time, then I’m more likely to do it. If I give it a brief name, such as prayer, that serves as a quick ‘hyperlink’ to recent topics. If you name something, you will remember it better. Is it ‘that project with that thing that I was going to do–today, was it?’ That sentence is not easy to remember. I chose the word prayer with the above definition. Others can chose their own descriptors. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. I like to ask myself questions when thinking of others. What can I do for my friend? Was I loving today? Questions are one of the cornerstones of morality. The more you ask questions, of others and of yourself, the more aware you are and the more rapidly and intelligently you shift with the currents around you. One of my core beliefs is: I do not trust any man who tells me not to ask questions, nor any man who tells me there are no answers. Your beliefs may differ from mine in a number of respects. I understand that. I also understand that you might take objection to my usage of the word prayer. You might suggest I use some other word. I will not. I know that the word means to me: ‘thinking of others’. I have one final note to add. Non-religious people should invent their own catch-phrases for ‘thinking of others’, otherwise popular culture will not associate ‘thinking of others’ as one of the primary attributes of non-religious. By the way, there are a number of things I read in your post that I disagree with. I might comment on those later. David,

    • Nice insights David.
      I would appreciate if you comment on my posts to start a discussion between us and even among other users.
      I just recently embraced atheism so forgive me if some of my post (especially my personal post) seem to make no sense. That is why I started this blog for me to interact with different views.
      I am looking forward to your comments.

  3. I think, this is true in a sense that prayer does not work to change external world. One should pray for internal things – wisdom, love, forgiveness for example. I’d say not “make the believer feel better” but rather “change the believer” or “transform the believer”.

  4. Prayer is simply a wish. If the wish comes true then the god is praised, if it doesn’t , then it couldn’t have been in the god’s plan. This is the way it works. I witnessed it for 47 years. Once I started to think for myself, I saw that all these pieces of the jigsaw called faith didn’t match. The picture wasn’t complete. Christianity is only true if you want it to be true. The bible is only a magical guide for living if want it to be. We can believe anything we want if we are determined or frightened or unhappy enough. Prayer does not change things. Sometimes it might look like it does (like a reply said above) but it doesnt .

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