Jesus vs. Horus


Jesus vs. Horus


3 thoughts on “Jesus vs. Horus

  1. Christianity, founded by Jesus, powered the rise of Western Civilization, the greatest, most prosperous, most just civilization in human history.

    Jesus was so influential that the world counts the passing of years from the time of his birth.


    Totally forgotten.

    • I’m sorry but I think you’re your claim that Christianity is the “most just civilization” in human history is absurd, insensitive, and clearly delusional. If you will use history, please don’t forget how you religion used abuse and terror to rise to where it is now. And the influence of Jesus cannot be measured just because we are counting our time from his birth. That would just be for order.
      Horus is not totally forgotten because Christianity is just rips off of many other belief.

  2. That Western Civilization is the most just in human history is almost obvious.

    And since belief in the One True God is human nature, similarities between beliefs and deities is only natural.

    Therefore, Christianity isn’t a rip off, it’s the ordering of fuzzy and foggy beliefs to the truth.

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