Live the word of God


Live the word of God


6 thoughts on “Live the word of God

  1. If atheists truly valued science they would understand that homosexuality is an obvious disorder.

    Sexuality evolved in nature for the specific purpose of procreation.

    So clearly, whatever it is that homosexuals do to each other’s genitals and assorted body parts and orifices in the name of love, isn’t sex.

    The Bible, being an ancient tome, is tuned to man as nature evolved him.

    That means human nature is gender, male and female.

    • On your argument, what can you say about heterosexual couples who are infertile and will never bear a child? Based on your argument, these infertile couple are disorder of the society.
      You are also saying that promiscuity and sexual fetishes are more important that the love and feeling an infertile couple or even a homosexual couple share with each other.
      You also have a twisted view of homosexuality that these marginalized people of our society are nothing but social thirsty people and cannot do ethical things.

      • Disorders within the heterosexual population of any species are minuscule.

        Otherwise the entire species goes extinct.

        If everyone were homosexual, mankind would go extinct.

        That is yet another proof that homosexuality is a disorder.

        • If gay people were to be denied the right to marriage because it is Christian practice and it opposes you belief, then why aren’t the atheist denied the same right too?
          And if you’re god exists, I think I would worry more that his indifference and insensitivity and incompetence as god is a greater threat to the extinction of humanity. he allow many people die in catastrophe and poverty and war.
          There are also those children who innocently die because their parents cannot simply provide the need of their family

          • Potato,

            Marriage is not a right.

            Marriage has always been the union between a man and woman.

            Marriage is an age old institution that forms the core of any civil society – the family.

  2. I know Jews who follow all those rules, except, perhaps, for the mixed fabrics. I’ve never talked to anyone about that. The not shaving is also uncommon among people I know. However, most Jews I know won’t get tattoos and won’t eat shellfish or pork.

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