Atheism and Mass Murder


I have one avid follower who commented that atheists have caused the greatest mass murder in human history. I do not know where he got his statistics or whether he researched to support his claim, but clearly it is just an attempt to ruin atheism and to pass the evilness that the organized religions have done.

Atheists have long been the oppressed group of the society. Atheists in earlier centuries have suffered from the “authority” of these superior religions. We have been subject to the Inquisition of the Catholic Church.

As Christopher Hitchens say that the main cause of evil in this world are organized religion. Muslim go to wars disguised as jihad. Political leaders have used religion to oppress their people. Hitler, for one, is a believer of the Biblical god and has justified his authority as divinely inspired.

No one has killed for atheism. But millions have been killed for being atheist.


2 thoughts on “Atheism and Mass Murder

  1. The atheist mass murders are a matter of history.

    They began with Vladimir Lenin who believed that terrorizing his own people was a tool of statecraft.

    His protégé, Josef Stalin robbed banks to finance the Communist Party while serving under Lenin.

    So here we see murder and stealing declared good by atheists because it promoted a political agenda.

    Stalin made both Lenin and German fascist Adolf Hitler look like pickers.

    He began starving Ukrainian farmers to death by the 10’s of millions.

    Chinese atheist Mao Tse Tung also used mass murder as a tool of statecraft.

    Again, 10’s of millions of Chinese were starved to death or murdered.

    The Chinese atheist mass murders occurred under a policy euphemistically called “Great Leap Forward.”

    Only atheists call mass murder, a great leap forward.

    It got so bad that that after Mao died his policies and core followers were pushed aside.

    The China of today was born after the Chinese government rejected Mao and mass murder in favor of capitalism and modern farming.

    Human life in atheist China still has no value except for how it can be exploited.

    Coal miners die by the thousands each year in accidents and slave labor in factories is what is making the Chinese economy go.

    Yet the Western Atheist denies all of this just as it denies the scientific evidence that screams the existence of God.

    This is because people who believe everything happened all by itself, will believe anything.

    Atheism is truly a crime against humanity.

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