We don’t need a god to be good


We don't need a god to be good


4 thoughts on “We don’t need a god to be good

  1. Without God as an objective source and moral authority, who is to say what is good or what is evil?

    Under atheism good and evil are a matter of personal opinion.

    That’s why the greatest mass murders in human history where committed by atheist regimes.

    Those regimes were of the opinion that mass murder was good.

    • I do not know where your statistics comes from or if you’re even doing any research about your claim that atheism has caused the greatest mass murder in human history.
      Hitler believes in the bible god, he initiated the mass murder of Jews. Muslims also commit mass murder disguised as jihad. Catholic Church has killed many people just because these people reject the Church’s belief (many atheist have died and suffered) through Inquistion and Crusade.
      No one has killed for Atheism! Atheism has long been oppressed by the “superior” Churches.
      Know your history especially if you want to ruin the image of atheism.

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