”Why does anyon…


”Why does anyone assume that we must believe in God in order to explain the beginning of life? Why is ‘God’ assumed to be responsible for the order of nature? Why must we assume ‘God’ to explain mind? The answer to these and to all similar questions is that we do not know, in the sense that we know the cause of planetary motions, how these things came to be. It is not what we know about them that leads to the assumption of god, but what we do not know. And the converse of that is that so soon as knowledge replaces ignorance ‘God’ will be dispensed with. It is never a case of believing in God because of the actual knowledge we possess, but always the appeal to weakness and ignorance. From this point of view the colloquial ‘God only knows!’ expresses the appeal to ignorance even more clearly than the elaborate argument of the sophisticated apologist.”

— Chapman Cohen, 1921


16 thoughts on “”Why does anyon…

  1. Understanding that God is the First Cause and that everything came from that First Cause is perfectly reasonable.

    The alternatives are the following:

    1. That everything happened all by itself.
    2. That diversity resulted from homogeneity
    3. That order resulted from disorder
    4. That life came from inanimate matter
    5. That purpose and design are the result of randomness

    In fact, the entire universe screams, “Therefore God!”

    • The alternatives appeal more than your incompetent god.
      And no, the universe does not scream “Therefore god!” It clearly screams “Therefore no god!!!” with all the discoveries we are gathering with science

      • Potato,

        Modern science is a result of the Christian worldview.

        That is why only in Christian Western Civilization did modern science develop.

        People need to ask themselves, why after all the 1000’s of years and civilization after civilization, culture after culture, did modern science only develop in the Christian West?

        The atheist thinks modern science happened all by itself and then claims it for himself.

        Your denial of what is perfectly reasonable is not an argument, it is the irrational heart and soul of atheism.

        • Ignostic Atheist

          Obviously God wanted to make believing in him harder, and so western civilization was gifted with science.

          Obviously God was embarrassed to be regarded as holding the planets in alignment, and so western civilization was gifted with science.

          Obviously God loves white people more than brown, and so western civilization was gifted with science.

          Obviously God didn’t create all life at once, and was tired of being credited with it in Genesis, and so western civilization was gifted with science.

          Obviously God wanted us to see and study then ancient universe, all of which did not have to exist for us to, and so western civilization was gifted with science.

          Or maybe science is an inevitable result of human curiosity which, by the time it arrises, will be able to spread around the world before another instance is likely to appear.

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