Who wants to be a catholic?


Who wants to be a catholic?


5 thoughts on “Who wants to be a catholic?

  1. So in other words, unless God acts exactly as you demand and creates a universe according to your exact specifications, you won’t love him anymore and in fact you will him out of existence.

    Pity the woman who has the nasty misfortune of trying to have a relationship with you.

    Should she not act exactly like you’ve created her in your mind, than you won’t love her anymore and you will her out of existence.

    God is love.

    And love must be true and faithful in flood, pestilence, hunger, sickness and even the good times.

    • SoM, I’ve told you more than once that being able to judge God is not the same as demanding He behave as I demand.
      One of those four options in the answer. And that’s not loving. (Unless you pick A, in which case it is not omniscient.)

  2. We live in an imperfect world because of The Fall. We can see the bad things that have happened throughout history, but we don’t know of the bad which was blocked by divine intervention.

    Also, we cannot see the full effects of “good” or “bad” (as we judge) over the entire length of the universe’s existence as God can. Even in our own lives, things that appeared catastrophic at one time may be seen in a different light as we mature.

    If we lived in Paradise, then that earthquake could not have happened. Since we have relinquished that perfect home, we must view disasters as opportunities to do good for others.

  3. I like the choice of the picture of the Pope; he looks stumped. However, I really think we should give Francis the chance to make calmer and more accepting Catholics out of the “Catholics” who think religion is about the people.

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