Day 2: There is…


Day 2: There is no god


7 thoughts on “Day 2: There is…

  1. Since the atheist “community” has a fetish for citations, could you please cite a non-atheist source or some actual scientific proof that there is no God.

    Please don’t cite science fiction or Hollywood movie scripts.

    Just the facts.

    • The burden of proof on the existence of god lies on the theist. can you cite actual scientific evidence that your god exists. Please don’t cite your bible because it does not really provide “actual evidence”

        • You’re making your claim, prove it.
          And why would I embrace Christianity (again)? When you have surpassed the burden of proof and your god actually exist (or any god of any religion/myth exist) will i surrender my atheism and readily embrace god and worship him? Definitely NO!
          An incompetent, insensitive, irresponsible, self-centered god has to explain himself to everyone who has lived, is living, and will be living in this world.
          And the argument that you have been making to my and other bloggers comments here does not really provide substantial evidence or consideration that any god exist.

      • Actually, “there is no God” is a claim. Therefore, the burden of proof does fall with you; you made the claim you want someone else to believe: there is no God.

        I haven’t been presented with sufficient evidence to say there is a God, but that is not the same as believing there is no God.

  2. If something is to be believed in and trusted it needs to be proven. Not by those who seriously doubt its existence, but by those who believe it is there. If I claim to have a dragon in my wardrobe it is up to me to prove it, not those who doubt me to disprove it. And a story book saying it exists is not proof but fiction until proven to be fact.

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