(Slowly) Coming Out!


Today may be a very special day for me as an atheist. There are many things that happened which test my newly accepted life:

(1) I had to fill out a form and left the “Religion” part blank. I feel like a bad ass. But I really feel free and proud and happy. I was afraid at first because the clerk might ask me to fill that part up.But I found the courage that I can explain myself. Happily she didn’t bother about it.

(2) I saw Sam Harris’ book “Free Will” at a book sale. The man, noticing that I am checking at books about atheism and religion, asked if I was among the “A”. I have the idea what he is saying so I asked him what he means. I  was right, he was confirming if I am an atheist. I confidently responded that I am. I got a cheap book. I confirmed my atheism. I met a fellow atheist for the first time.

(3) I borrowed a copy of Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion from the library. I just read it secretly in my room. I think that people will judge you on what you read. But today, I bring it to class and read it there.


This day may be one of my most special day since I embraced atheism. I finally have been confident with it. I know that atheists are among the outcasts of these “religious” society. But I cannot let myself be trapped and denial just to  please the religious ones. To come out as an atheist, the cost are high. I am slowly coming out. 🙂


3 thoughts on “(Slowly) Coming Out!

  1. I’m glad you could open up that way. No idea where you live and how difficult that A-closet is, but I encourage you to know that there are many in the “faith community” who wouldn’t get on you for your non-beliefs. I use the word Freethinker and Nature-loving-person and most are ok with that. Even if you’re in a bible-culture, there are good believers who might just welcome your honesty. If nothing else, they need your honesty. Hell, share a potato with them!

    I like your site!

  2. Good for you! I’m still getting there, myself. I’ve gone from being a devout apologist to a certain Atheist- I just haven’t become vocal about it yet. (And I don’t think I’m quite yet an Anti-Theist like the late, great Hitchens, but only out of respect for my mother.)

    • It is really a great challenge for us to live out the thing that we believe because people stand ready to judge us with all those false stereotyping. I hope you also find the courage soon. We would be happy if you tell us.

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