Daily Verse


Daily Verse


6 thoughts on “Daily Verse

  1. The meaning of the Bible can be summed up simply:

    Love God with your whole heart and love your neighbor as your self.

    In the Old Testament we see God meeting man at man’s level:

    Brutal cruelty, avarice, elitism, tyranny, wanton attenuated lust.

    Slavery was outlawed in the West only 150 years ago.

    That means it was an unquestioned institution for 1000’s of years.

    Not even Aristotle questioned slavery even though it was a resounding contradiction to natural law.

    God knows what any politician knows: If you want to limit something and eventually destroy it, regulate it.

    In the Old Testament, God regulates the behavior of the Chosen People in everyway possible.

    The objective is replace man’s heart of stone with a new heart that knows love.

  2. Slavery as a form of regulation? How kind of you to say that. Millions of families suffer from the hardship and struggles of slavery for the benefit of abusive people.
    Also, because it has not been questioned by Aristotle or even by many heartless people does not make slavery good or right. Today, there have been many reactions against it for being inhumane.

  3. But all this only works if you hope/trust/believe/convince yourself that the bible is actually written by god. If you don’t believe it (which increasingly more and more don’t) then everything quoted from it means nothing. one person believes its true, the other doesn’t. end of story.

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